Getting Your Company End-Of-The-Year Event Done Right

If you end up drawing the short straw and get stuck with planning the end of the year end party for the company, you will soon realize that event planning is a hard job. There are too many elements that need to be constantly kept check of, along with things that need to be scheduled and confirmed and then there are the requests of the guests that need to be given attention to. Depending on the formality or informality of the event you can assess your planning schedules.


In some cases the company allocated a budget for you to work with, or you will have to draft a budget and then get the accounting team to confirm it. Whichever the case it is you will have to breakdown the budget to the different elements of the event that you will need to put money into accomplishing. The budgeting will be the hardest part as you will have to cut some corners to work with a budget that comes for an office party. Apart from planning the business gifts online through the office Santa, you need to pay attention to other things that will need to be at the event as well.

Food and drinks

If it is an informal event then you will have to get ideas from your co-workers for the types of food and drinks that you will need to order. There will be people who are allergic to some types of foods, then there are the general preferences. If alcohol is to be involved then your budget will need to account for these and other appetizers and such as well.

Venue and the timing

While you are going through the net for the business gifts ideas for the higher ups and the ones not in the Santa list, you will also have to check out the venues. It is a good idea to run a poll on the company email to figure out the timing for the event. If the venue will not be at your company premises then it will be easier for you since you do not need to get a cleaning crew. When you are going for a venue somewhere else then make sure that the place is somewhere that can accommodate all the people and also has the spacing for the parking.

Make sure to heed the ideas and needs of your co-workers and if there are special needs involved you will have to address them firstly. Have fun fist and stress out later for the event.